What's happening with the Party Reform Commission?

aka the Bones commission: do any of my fellow Lib Dems know?

My undestanding is that they were going to report after the May elections and whilst I know there has been some additional consultation going on with local parties, is there an updated timetable?

Or did we decide to delay the strategic reform required to ensure a step change in our electoral success, to fight 2 by elections on a purely tactical basis? (Although if someone could tell me what the tactical advantage was, that'd be great). Maybe I should just go and find a wall to hit my head against.

Just to put it in perspective, the costs of just one by election could have been invested in employing a full time (maybe even two, depending on the level of experience that you want) organisational change professional for a year and you could implement the commissions findings (whatever they are) in a fraction of the time and actually enable allow us to deliver on Nick's objectives of 150 MPs within 2 elections.


Antony Hook said...
3 Jul 2008, 12:02:00

There was a further invitation for submissions on various specific issues, the dealine for which was 22 May if I recall correctly.

There may have been discussion of it at the English Council on 21 June but I'm not sure. I was absent because of a wedding.

Your Regional officers may be able to help.

Hywel said...
3 Jul 2008, 12:11:00

I think your right to have a bit of concern about the timetable slippage - but I'd rather it addressed the right questions, got the right answers and had wide support than be rushed to meet an arbitrary deadline.

Anonymous said...
3 Jul 2008, 14:01:00

The Reform Commission reported to the Federal Executive in June. Presumably information about its report will be released to the wider party over the summer.

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