No change at all, I'm afraid Boris

Don't people like Brian Coleman make you sick?

Where on earth does he get off thinking he deserves to spend £8,000 worth of our money on taxis?

Ok, so the letter of the law hasn't been broken but surely spending this much on taxi, including over £600 in one day just shows contempt for the people of London?

A while back, I blogged that although I thought Boris would be one bigga mistake-a for London to make-a, I hoped that his term off office wasn't disastrous for London ('cos I just love London so much) and that things would get better. But my worst fears, and more, are coming true! already, just three months in!

One of the many, many reasons that I could never be a Tory is because of men like Brian Coleman; men who seem to have a sense of entitlement and seem to believe that they are so special that they should never even have to consider taking public transport or driving themselves. Men who see no difference between publicly paid expenses and their own money.

Although, I rather suspect that if he actually had to pay for the taxi's himself, out of his own salary, he would have been a little less excessive.

There should be a cap on expenses like this...and who bloody signed them off anyway?

Update: Have discovered, whilst perusing Recess Monkey, that it's not just Tory men who go around with a sense of entitlement to live off our taxes but Tory women; this is surely just one big Tory disease. See what happens when they start taking the country for granted again?

God forbid that they get into Government; I'm not sure that we can afford to support the lifestyles of many more of them!

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