Iain Dale, Liberal Conspiracy, a dodgy list by Wikio and, oh, my top 10 political blogs!

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There’s been an enormous hoo ha over at Liberal Conspiracy whether to join in Iain Dale’s, or rather Total Politics’ list of the Top 100 Political Blogs.

There is an argument that goes along the lines of:

‘Iain Dale is consistently rude about the quality of left/progressive blogging (not possible to describe myself as left wing, oh no) and often moans about them without linking to them. He should not be encouraged in his self appointed role of King of blogging. And he’s a Tory and people who like blogs like Iain Dale’s, will like and vote for blogs like Iain Dale’s’ and won’t vote for progressive blogs and then Iain Dale will just tell us all that left/progressive blogs are boring.’

I, on the other hand, come form the following point of view:

‘Well, he’s the only one giving me a change to vote for my top 10 political blogs and if I don’t vote (for what will not, on the whole, be right wing blogs) then non-Tory blogs will get even less of a look in.

Just in passing, a very bizarre thing came to light in this discussion. Sunny suggested that I look at Wikio for an up to date top 100 blog list. Well, I nearly fell of my chair when I saw that I was rated 86th!! Ha! How ridiculous!

The scoring is on the basis of how many times you are linked to (as apposed to how many times people click through or read you) and different websites are given different weightings. For example, a link from the BBC will have a higher rating than a link say from…me! And this is where I see the problem being. As, Sky News have linked to me quite a few times, as I occasionally do a bit of telly for them and last week the PM Blog on the BBC website linked to me, for a totally non political reason.

Still, I suppose by adding a qualitative element to their scoring they are at least trying to avoid just going for the most popular as by page clicks, but even at my most optimistic (you know, as sort of: who could want more, than a glass half full, it’s perfect!!) could I consider my blog and influential to have any thing in common. However much I may want that to be so.

So, to my top 10 Political Blogs, on the basis that I can’t vote for myself (although I notice that some people have):

You can find out how to vote and all the rules here

Neil Stockley (Quelle surprise! But do I go out with him because I think his blog is great, or think his blog is great because I go out with him? Ha!)
Quaequam Blog
Liberal Conspiracy
Lib Dem Voice
Alix Mortimer
The Yorkshire Gob
Lynne Featherstone MP
London: Mayor & More
Millenium Elephant
Dib Lemming

It was hard, actually, to choose. I would rather have a Top 20!! But there is a pretty good mix of established, individual, group, male, female and elephants! I would have put Liberal Mafia up there but he’s on an invite only blog now..boo hoo!

Update: The more observant of you will notice that the list had changed a bit - I hadn't realised that Dave Hill's absolutely great London: Mayor & More blog was up on the Total Politics website. once I found out, I couldn't leave it out so I'm afraid the most entertaining Tom Harris had to go instead. Anyway, I'm sure they're'll be plenty of Labour voters voting for him, so it won't materially effect his positioning.


Jennie said...
23 Jul 2008, 01:13:00

You voted for ME? You mad fool! I'd say that the cheque is in the post, but everyone knows I'm skint so nobody will believe it...

Dan said...
23 Jul 2008, 10:09:00

Hi Jo,

I must say I hardly think it's fair to cry dodgy over our list out of your own chronic modesty! Nonetheless, congratulations on surprising yourself.



Wikio UK

Steph Ashley said...
23 Jul 2008, 17:13:00

The fact that you voted for me means more to me than a place on the list ever would x

Sunny said...
24 Jul 2008, 02:29:00

Thanks for the vote of support Jo. By the way, your links on the list need a bit of tweaking :)

Adamgv said...
3 Aug 2008, 01:29:00

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