The George W. Bush Sewage Plant and Sky.Com News (or what would you name after Gordon Brown?), the Sky News round up of the top stories on the net has gone 5 days a week; this week they asked me to come and go through the top five stories of yesterday with the very lovelty Martin Stanford (who manages to surf the web and present the news at the same time).

You can see it here!!

My favourite story is the San Francisco Sewage Plant that local people want to rename the George W. Bush Sewage Plant; I first heard about this a couple weeks ago when I was in the states on MSNBC.

It's really creative stuff from the Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco, but most of all I love the guy, from the equivilant of the environmental services department, who in defending the plant's environemntal credentials, seemed to suggest that naming it after George W.Bush would be an insult to the sewage plant.


So, what would you name after Gordon Brown??

Plus, got to bump into Natasha Kaplinsky in the make up room, which has got to be worth the trip to Isleworth. However, must make a note to myself to try and look slightly less like Shirley Temple whilst on a national TV - I'm 37 for goodness sake!!!


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