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History according to the MoD

A good half hour of my morning was spent making increasingly sarcastic comments at each of theToday Programme's news items confirming to me that the world would be a much better place if I was involved in running it!

Can somebody just explain to me how the Ministry of Defence came to be writing lesson plans? I mean, putting aside the obvious opportunities for propaganda, isn't that what teachers are supposed to do?

Does this government and Gordon Brown's need to be in control of everything mean that teachers are reduced to acting as government talking heads?

What other lesson plans are being provided by government departments?

The fact that I was in work at any sort of time resembling 'on time' was as a result of being forced to get up and move away from the radio before the absurdity of labour apparatchiks belief that they know better than everybody about everything, made me do something regretable to it. Left to me and Southern Railways I would have indeed been my customary 'gone 9'!

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