Who's Who in the Lib Dems Online

Just a quick note to tell you about Who's Who in the Lib Dems Online and the 2008 edition of the book that I am editing (Aargh!! No, no, it will be fine...proper project manager, me, not like those Terminal 5 amateurs)

Seriously though, if you would like to register your interest in having an 'entry' then please do so here. We’re looking to increase the number of entries from Liberal Democrats like never before; you may think you’re a small cog in the big Lib Dem wheel but you’re really interesting to us and to our Who's Who Readers. So, please sign up to be included! We want everybody, councillors, MPs, local party officers, bloggers, any sort of candidates, party leaders, blog readers, leaflet delivers...everybody!!

Back in early 2004, when I first became active in the Party I was sent a form to complete, via Liberty Network, of which I was a member. I didn't think that anybody would be interested in little ol' me as I hadn't done much in the Lib Dems..big mistake! What you've done for the Lib Dems is of course interesting but what you've done elsewhere, including in your professional life, could be just as interesting!

Only Lib Dems can have an entry (doh!) and if you want access to Who's Who in the Lib Dems Online then you will need to pay a subscription, with non-Lib Dems paying a higher subscription. We will be putting the same information in the book, as we always do, and anyone can buy that for the same price, Lib Dem or not.

The difference between the online version and the book is that it will be searchable and of course when something changes in your life you can update it!

Who's Who in the Lib Dems Online and the 2008 print version is edited by me and published by the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidates Association; if you would like more details about the PCA you can find them here.


Mary Reid said...
17 Apr 2008, 14:24:00

Liberal Democrats Online is already a well-established group, so the title 'Who's Who in the Lib Dems Online' looks like a guide to its members!! Perhaps the name of your enterprise needs tweaking a bit...

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