Another reason why encouraging Boris Johnson is a really, really bad idea...

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Sorry to keep on about this but I’m hoping this little comment from Iain Dale’s blog (not him but one of his commenters, Danvers Baillieu)shines some light on why giving any vote for Boris is still a really, really bad idea; even if the fact that he’s incompetent, pointed out yesterday, doesn’t persuade you:

"I have just spent an hour or so handing out "Back Boris" oyster card holders outside Bank tube station. In all my years of campaigning, I have never seen such a positive response for a candidate. The card holders flew out of my (and the other volunteers') hands so fast we had to call to HQ for additional supplies. I realise that the centre of the City is not exactly enemy territory for Boris, but I still got the strong feeling that he is a popular front runner. After 11 years in the political wilderness, on 1 May Boris will show that the Conservatives are back."

Do you see that bit at the end there? The bit about the Conservatives being back? So, that’s the other really, really horrific thing about giving your second preference vote (or God forbid, your first; not that I’m religious, but you might be) to Boris Johnson.

Do we really want to give the Tories this momentum?

I’m pretty sure that the Tories know he’s an incompetent too. They’re just happy to let his media persona do some work for them for once and sacrifice London so that they can build up momentum for the General Election. After all, there’ll be plenty of them ready to pull his puppet strings. And to those (thankfully now receding proportionately in the Lib Dem Voice poll) who think it might be a jolly wheeze to place your second vote for Boris, and then just think about what a boost this would give the Tories.

If the Tories get a comfortable majority in a General Election off the back of a win in London, not only could some of that majority be at the expense of Lib Dem MPs, but we can say bye-bye to electoral reform any time in the near future.

No votes are wasted, even second ones. I know that the best vote is a vote for Brian Paddick but it seems we still have a FPTP mentality; the second vote is still there to be used and not ignored or frittered away in a fit of hubris.

My only hope is that, given that Mr Baillieu was giving out the oyster card holders at Bank, many of the workers were commuters living outside of London or that they didn’t know who was on the oyster card holder and were just happy to get a new one. Personally, I think the oyster card holder from Mulberry is far more chic!


angelneptunestar said...
10 Apr 2008, 19:50:00

It is with joy and approbation that I saw that Boris Johnson was ahead in the polls, although the only poll that matters is May 1st.

It is such a shame that even though the Mayoral election is so far advanced you know so little of Boris's talents and achievements.

i see Boris Johnson as the best in whatever job he goes for. As an author, he is the best with a lorry load of best sellers to his name, and everyone knows how hard it is to get a best seller - he has loads.

On t.v. as a media personality, he is the best - his naturally unrehearsed wit was so outstanding, he had a whole side of a DVD to himself every time he chaired HIGNFY and tv channels fight for his appearances. Contrary to reports that sneer at his ability in this direction, humour is a sign of high intellect and it is unifying and life enhancing.

As an editor he was the best - the Spectator although its readership is select, leads political thinking and Boris was an outstandingly successful editor of the paper. (also, assistant editor of the Telegraph.) increased circulation, etc. etc.

He is also the most visible, popular and well known MP in the Conservative party.

You are probably mixing him up with someone else when you talk about incompetence, because that is certainly not Boris Johnson. If you read his books and articles, you will know for a fact what a thoughtful, constructive, liberal guy Boris is, and one of his main strengths is he is a creative thinker.

Now that is a precious quality, you can find many good organisers and competent bureaucrats but creative thinking at the level possessed by BJ is rare indeed.

Admittedly he is new to the job of London Mayor. However, he is an extremely fast learner.

When he went to prep. school, he had not studied Greek and Latin so he was bottom of the class of 15 for the first term.

By the end of the second term, he was sixth in the class.

By the end of the third term, he was top of the class, and he won the form prize. Boris Johnson applies himself heart and soul to anything he really wants to do and he really wants to do this. May I therefore reassure you that if and when BJ becomes Mayor, we have a really well trained intellect at our disposal.

May I finish by saying, even the stars are in his favour.

On his date of birth, Mercury eclipsed Jupiter, the sign of the genius. The rest of his horoscope is equally auspicious. He was like a baby Soloman come to judgment and a brilliant future is foretold.I do hope I have set your concerns at rest.

Linda Jack said...
10 Apr 2008, 20:59:00

angelneptunestar sorry, are you for real or a wind up?

Tristan said...
10 Apr 2008, 22:43:00

The Tories or Labour - they're as bad as each other. At the moment the Tories win in my mind because they have at least a recent history of some liberalism and make some important stands for freedom (although I wouldn't trust them very far).

Of Boris and Ken, Boris is the more liberal as well.

Its a difficult choice, but the Labour Party are the bigger danger to freedom at the moment and Ken has been a champion of repression his whole career.

angelneptunestar said...
11 Apr 2008, 12:41:00

Linda my darling I am totally for real and there is much much more where that came from.

Anonymous said...
13 Apr 2008, 13:03:00

My dear GOD, this is embarrassing. I cannot believe that there are people around who can proudly say that Boris Johnson is a decent and reasonable decision to make when it comes to running London. He has no experience doing anything except academic learning, writing and presenting (quite incompetently) a TV quiz show. If that qualifies you to run a successful capital city, I may as well be the candidate next time! He's well known, he's got a Media personality and people laugh AT HIM when he's on TV. You choose that above a man who's had experience running London, and a man who's had 20,000 police officers under his direct control?

You are a fool, angelneptunestar. That, or you just have no self-respect, or respect for our capital city. It's frightening to think that people like you exist and are allowed to vote. You should respect that right, not abuse and mock it.

angelneptunestar said...
22 Apr 2008, 20:34:00

Halimondore, hundreds of people in my area are also voting for Boris and are equally enthusiastic about him. They are desperate to get rid of Ken and do not rate Brian Paddick as a serious contender (although I respect him).

You may have noticed that Boris has led in the polls for quite a few weeks now and is still in the lead.

We shall see who the fool is. I HOPE EVERYBODY VOTES AND MAY THE BEST MAN WIN.

Danvers said...
27 May 2008, 18:27:00

Just saw this.

Glad to see I was right.

All the best,


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