A clown and DI Gene Hunt ran past

me on London Bridge this morning, as I was walking across in to the City. Or at least I’m sure about the clown and there were two guys chasing him and the last one looked like DI Hunt from Ashes to Ashes but it was all very fast and I couldn’t tell you if they were wearing attire from the early 1980’s or not!

The thing is this being London and London Bridge in particular no one actually batted an eyelid, double took or faltered in their march across the bridge. I hate walking across the bridge at rush hour, it all feels just so relentless and like you’re a very small cog in a very big wheel; which is of course just about right. That said, this morning this was all happening about 9.30am as I and my finely tuned body clock are still adjusting to British Summer Time. You do get used to people filming and therefore don’t react so much as you might want to.

Still, all rather surreal. Especially as I was at the time listening to ‘The Logical Song’ from Supertramp’s Breakfast in America album. An album I had only been prompted to download as a result of hearing ‘Take the Long Way Home’ on Ashes to Ashes last week and being transported back to my teenage years of endless repetitive playing of the said album.

There was definitely a Clown there. That’s all I’m saying. And I think it was ‘Take the Long Way Home’ that I heard last week.


Helen Duffett said...
2 Apr 2008, 23:25:00

Did the clown look like Boris?

Anonymous said...
7 Apr 2008, 22:05:00

I was walking across london bridge- heard 'action' ad stepped outta the way of a brightly coloured clown running towards me- followed by bloke with fairish hair
- then the gorgeous phil glenister, in black suit, white shirt-cannot remember anything else! Could be poss filming for 90's version of ashes to ashes? i was so flustered i forgot to see if he was wearing his cowboy boots.
but it made my day having Gene Hunt running towards me.

Jo Christie-Smith said...
8 Apr 2008, 09:13:00

Hooray..so I wasn't goiing mad then? Good to know!

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