Passion in Politics or Why Brian Paddick is the man for me!

Towards the end of last night's Sky programme (the bit that was online) there was a moment when I was able to point out what I liked best about Brian and why I really, really want him to be Mayor.

When Brian starts to talk about how to reduce crime in London and how to work with young people to stop them falling into crime and violent behaviour he really, really comes alive. He knows just what to do and just what the other candidates aren't or have no intention of doing. It is clear just how much passion that he has for London and really get down and dealing with the problems the city has. This passion is real not a performance and it comes from a career in public service, serving Londoners. The passion he has is of a man who wants to be able to really do something, rather than just to be something!

This is something that really resonates with me. I come to active politics relatively late and have spent my career delivering change to all sorts of organisations. It's a career that suits me (I deliver holidays and get togethers using the same skills sets) and I find that I am good at it and can earn a jolly nice living from it, thank you very much. I got into politics because I looked around me and decided that I would be able to use my ability to change and deliver in a far more strategic way and in a far more satisfying way by being an elected representative. It is to do something not be something that turns me on politically. I get very irritated with all those aspects of politics (like PMQs) that having nothing to do with actually improving the way the country is run.

Hence I know exactly where Brian is coming from. Now, some might say that Brian clearly has the experience and passion when it comes to policing but what about the other areas like transport and housing.? For sure, he doesn't have the same content experience but lets not forget how transferable the skills that he gained by becoming No2 in the Met Police. He understands budgets, what needs to be in place for change to be delivered, how to make sure that things are running smoothly and efficiently and he's a skilled organisational politician. But what is most important that he has shown commitment to delivery that Boris can never show! If Boris was so interested doing something (rather than just being something) he wouldn't have left it until he was 43 to start having views on buses as well as LIverpudlians.

And whilst I love a bit of political theory, it's the practical aspects that really float my political boat and that London needs so much. Boris is a great performer and can be very funny but Brian beats him hands down when it comes to acting on his convictions.

And Ken, well, as was clear in last night's debate (and all the others) he's tired, got few ideas and has a lot of dodgy friends. London won't go under with him in charge but it won't go any where exciting either.


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