Who's Who in the Lib Dems Online is open for subscription

The response to Who's Who in the Lib Dems Online at conference was great. It was a marvellous opportunity to reach those members who were neither in the 2006 book or have found out about it on the blogosphere.

People seemed to genuinely get what a great resource it can be, as long as enough of us put our entries up.

Of course, not many new entries got placed during conference but I am hopeful that with a bit more prodding and the number of people who took away leaflets, we will get it up to my target of a thousand in no time.

Anyhow, the ability to subscribe to Who's Who is now live...it's£12 for Lib Dem members (same as the last book, but so much better)and £30 for non members.

If you already ahve an entry you can just log in and subscribe!

Have fun!!


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