News: From Labour Home furore to Brad PItt

One day I will learn how to actually embed the Sky.Com News videos into my blog, but for the time being you can find my little slot on Sky.Com News this evening here.

We talked about the power of the blogosphere versus how political parties attempt to control the media, UFOs, a comparative analysis of redundancy costs, The particle accelerator breaking down and Brad Pitt spreading malware.

It was short but sweet!!


Jennie said...
20 Sep 2008, 10:55:00

Recess Monkey posted something on LabourHome and "surprisingly people answered it" LMAO!!

Also: link is fine if you can't do an embed, but embed would be better because then I don't have to give Rupert my per-click advertising revenue ;)

Will have to have a big handbaggy argument with you about Brad Pitt, though. He is so totally NOT handsome!

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