40 bloggers on Who's Who in the Lib Dems Online...

but more needed!  And all those shortlisted for the LDV Blogger Awards need to make sure they update their entry toute suite!!

In fact more of everybody needed and  especially women as only 19% of those who have either registered or added their entry are women!  Bearing in mind women make up 40% of Lib Dem membership thats pants!!  So, if you know any female Lib Dem members please drop them a link to the site and encourage them to add their entry!

Still, if were doing analysis by groups then women as a group are much, much better than parliamentarians (peers being the worst) at registering and adding their entries.  Though, I am pleased to say that probably our busiest parliamentarian our leader Nick Clegg has managed to find the time to gather together his membership number and register for the site!  Which is a great relief to me, I can tell you.

So, if you havent done so already then please click through to Who’s Who in the Lib Dems Online and register.  Its very easy if you follow the instructions on How to Register!!

Things to remember:

We check the membership database to make sure you are a real Liberal Democrat Member and therefore the details that you enter have to be exactly the same as those on the membership database; if you are having problems you can email the membership department at membership@libdems.org.uk.  This might be particularly the case if you live overseas.

Be really, really careful with the email address you send us and make sure you spell it correctly.  We send you a link to activate your registration to that email address and if it bounces you will never receive it!  It should come through pretty quickly so if it doesnt then try looking at your spam filter!

Once youre in please, please cast your eyes of Completing your entry as you may think you know what should be put in each field but you might be wrong!!

If you have any questions or queries please pop by the PCA stand at conference where I can hopefully answer your questions I wont be on the stand permanently but if you leave your details there I will be able to get in contact with you.  Alternatively you can email me at editor@whowholibdems.org.uk.


Duncan Borrowman said...
8 Sep 2008, 23:18:00

I still can't het my login to work :-(

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