Sunday morning, as it should be....

As I write, the Archers omnibus has just started, I am sitting in the bay window of my living room watching all the birds in my garden and a very greedy Squirrel moving his treasure around the garden. I've just finished the most gloriously fattening breakfast of cinnamon eggy bread with greek yoghurt, banana and maple syrup! I've read theleft overs of yesterday's independent and all is well in the world - well, clearly all is not well in the world at large, but it's all very pleasant at the Garden Flat!

Yesterday, I nearly finished my Christmas cards - I wrote 70, having already posted about 60 and still have another 20 or so to do - well, they will have to go first class. It is a ridiculous number of Christmas Cards to send out but, I just love receiving them and therefore......

Anyhow, I have a reprieve from Christmas Card writing this morning as I have run out of them and instead have to make a start on Christmas present wrapping. Again, all just in time, as I am taking my 'friend/mentee' to the Science Museum this afternoon and this is the last time I will see him before Christmas. I was matched with Simon two years ago by a small charity working in Camden & Islington called Friends United Network, an excellent programme and whatever Simon has gained from our friendship, I'm sure that I have gained more!

I'm going to call him Simon in this blog, which is not his name, but it's not possible to go publicising a 15 year old's name on a public blog. We're going to see the space capsule as we caught the end of the Apollo movie last weekend, while decorating the Christmas Tree, and Simon didn't know you could see one in London. He is dead keen on Science, a thing that can only be encouraged!

Just one thing that jars about this morning. Last week, I caught sight of the adverts for Adam & Ian's wedding and they were using pictures of the actors!!! I wish they'd stop! It is playing havoc with the world of Ambridge that sits in my imagination! Outrageous!


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