First Post....

...and I'm a bit nervous as, up until recently, I'd always considered blogs in the same vein as slightly self indulgent Christmas newsletters. However, in the last few weeks I've found myself perusing other people's blogs and leaving comments and am now converted! As, I imagine, with most other bloggers, I also feel the need to start doing a bit of agenda setting.

Although, it would be perfectly in character to witter on about nothing much at all (and is very tempting, at this point in time when nobody knows I'm writing it) I am going to at least attempt to only blog when I have something that may be of interest to someone else!

If I'm not posting, it's either because life has got ridiculously busy (one of my reasons for not blogging before is that I should be doing the things on my to do list instead) or I'm doing more shopping, gardening and eating then perhaps I'm ready to let on about.


Mark Valladares said...
16 Dec 2006, 19:45:00

Aha, another London blogger from south of the river... welcome to the blogosphere... and that means that there are again two members of the Regional Executive who blog!

Tom Papworth said...
18 Dec 2006, 00:44:00

Hello Jo.

I don't know what Mark's on about. Between you, me, him, Duncan, Toby... I think South East London is rather heavily represented in the liberal blogosphere!

Enjoy the new-found soap box.

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