I'm back!

Not that I've been away all that much, a quick trip to the Isle of Wight to spend Christmas Day with my Mum and John (step-dad).

I have for many years now wondered why, despite being probably the easiest person in the world to buy presents for, as a cooking, reading, perfume wearing, chocolate eating female that Santa has been concentrating, in a very sensible and methodical manner, on building up my Wedgwood dinner service. Not that I really mind, as I love my Wedgwood dinner service and its original existence on my wedding list is actually the most forceful reminder to me that I was once actually married. But I've often wondered why Santa never saw fit to bring me say, a boxed set of The West Wing DVD,as just one example.

I am, after all possibly one of the easiest people in the world to buy presents for!

But it now seems a breakthrough has been made, Santa has noted that I am in fact a Lib Dem! Because what did Santa put in my stocking this year(amongst other things to be fair to the old man)? A low voltage, environmentally friendly light bulb!!!

Because of course, that is what you buy a woman who is easily the easiest person in the world to buy presents for, isn't it? A light bulb!

Am I sounding ungrateful? I'm not, honest...because they're not cheap and it is already in use as the light bulb in my study went this morning; I'm in the process, as is Ming I understand, of replacing horrid high voltage greedy light bulbs with the environmentally friendly ones as they run out.

I am cheered to be honest, because the message that we are the most environmentally aware of the main stream political parties is getting out there and even Santa know its true!

(Before anybody gets too cross with me, I did get some other really lovely presents from Santa, for which I'm really grateful but found a light bulb just one of the more surreal ones!)


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