ASA uphold complaint against airbrushing! Hooray!

Jo Swinson has been gracing radio and TV in the past 24 hours as the Advertising Standards Authority has upheld the large number of complaints about the Twiggy advert.

This is great news - there is no reason why we should have women's and young girls body image dictated by large multinational corporations. Twiggy looks great without retouching, as do many, many older women.

Plus, has anybody noticed that very few women don't die there hair now when they start to go grey. I think grey hair looks great on women! Why are women not allowed to be old and beautiful any more?

So, if you want to know more about the campaign for real women the take a look at the facebook group for a start!


Anonymous said...
16 Dec 2009, 14:06:00

I think the adverts are a disgrace. Every single one of them is airbrushed weather it be for face cream,make up, body lotion, hair care or products there is not one blemish on these unrealistic models. These images are totally unachievable and cause lots of negative body thoughts for many women, I personally can't stand watching them and find myself day dreaming of the perfect body,skin and hair!! It is most definately misleading and socially irresponsible!!

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