If you want to get in the book, you better get on the site NOW!!!!

31st December 2008.

Yes, that's the deadline for getting your entry into Who's Who in the Lib Dems Online and then in the book. I will be pulling everybody's entries of the database after 31st December and pulling together all the info for an actual hardcopy book to be available at the Spring Conference.

If you are not on the website then you cannot be in the book; that's it! My final offer!

Plus, I certainly recommend to all of you who want to be known only by Mr or Cllr at the top of your entry and therefore remain largely anonymous to those of us perusing the site (who didn't read the instructions then?) that you change it to something more traditional; like your name.

Of course, you will still be able to add yourself to the database and update your entry as and when but those additions and changes will not be reflected in the printed version.

If you've forgotten your username and/or password, that's fine...there's two links to help you out just underneath the log in section.

You can also subscribe to Who in the Lib Dems Online as well!!


wit and wisdom said...
19 Nov 2008, 16:48:00

Is a book really necessary. Surely an online directory is far more useful and a book is likely simply top be pulped.

The online directory is an excellent idea. This smacks rather of printing an e-mail and posting it to the recipient as well, just to make sure...

Jo Christie-Smith said...
19 Nov 2008, 17:19:00

I'm doing a print run 'cos people are asking for it.

It always was in the form of a book, you see, and whilst the database is an entirely different thing some people do still want the book.

I'm not going to do a large print run and will actually be able to do smaller more regular print runs as, the website will be kept more up to date.

I have to say most of the entries are not from people who are blogosphere habitues!!

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