Boris deserts East London

And turns his back on environmental forms of transport....

Well, that was inevitable, wasn't it?

Relieved as I am, as a Crystal Palace resident, not to have the East London Line Extension scrapped it seems that Boris have slashed swathes of budget off key transport infrastructure projects including, as listed on the BBC website:

£1.3bn cross-river tram plan which would have connected Peckham to Camden
£500m Thames Gateway Bridge scheme in east London
£750m extension of the Docklands Light Railway to Dagenham Dock in east London
£500m Oxford Street tram scheme
£170m Croydon Tramlink extension
Public space proposals for a number of areas including Parliament Square and the Victoria Embankment
Given that trams are amongst the greenest forms of transport that just shows that when you vote blue you certainly don't get green!!

And what are we getting instead?

Mucking around with bloody routemaster. If there was ever a waste of time and money and a dog whistle to those who think life was always better in the past then I don't know what is. Boris Watch has more on that point here.

I really feel for East London; Barking & Dagenham is in need of so much regeneration but it's just not going to happen without the proper transport infrastructure. And as for the Thames Gateway bridge - do you htink he's have dared to do that in West London?

Dave Hill has more details on the transport for London business plan here.


Duncan Borrowman said...
9 Nov 2008, 23:30:00

The Thames Gateway Bridge has nothing to do with sustainable transport.
IF the bridge had been designed for public transport, local cars etc it would have been great, but the planned bridge was a non environmental blight.

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