VEEP Hysteria: Who will it be?

It’s all getting rather exciting over in the US with rumours aplenty that Barack Obama will be announcing his VP running mate in the next 24 hours, or 48 hours, on Saturday, Friday or shortly depending on who you are reading.

There’s also some significant rumours courtesy of an advertising blog, that it will be Kathleen Sebelius because of some leak that an ad agency is working on the Obama/Sebelius marketing etc. This is all to be taken with a major pinch of salt because, well, it’s just a rumour but it would be really great if Sebelius was his running mate. Still, the Daily Kos has seen fit to mention the rumour! As I wrote a couple of months ago, Hillary isn’t the only woman in the Democratic Party. It would be fantastic to have such a diverse ticket. What a message that would send to the world!

Kind of makes our very white, male dominated politics look dull, dull, dull.


Steph Ashley said...
20 Aug 2008, 20:58:00

Have just spent a good while flicking around the Internet finding out about her. Very impressive! Pro-choice, anti concealed-carrying of firearms, and she was over here last month, which shows a lot less of the insular outlook we're used to from American politicians. She's exciting :)

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