I told you he didn't have the experience: No 374

The word being used, repeatedly, by everyone over at Boriswatch is chaos. Boris' team at City Hall is in chaos following Tim Parker's resignation. Personally, I prefer inexperience and incompetence. although I agree that special mix of inexperience and incompetence that is Boris could be pretty chaotic.

On the other hand, maybe chaos is the most zippy, easy way of framing Boris' administration. Let's hope he doesn't embody it too much, eh?

Boris Johnson is without doubt an intelligent and educated man. But he's never managed a billion pound budget before and his people management skills are non existent.

So, I was right and all you lot that said he'd be fine are wrong. I really am thinking of renaming this blog Cassandra...I really am. FFS...this is London we're talking about and we have this man in charge just because he looks fun!


Tom said...
19 Aug 2008, 21:03:00

It's outrageous to say we overuse the word 'chaos' in describing the Johnson administration. The word we overuse is 'incoherence'. Tchah.

A Very Public Sociologist said...
19 Aug 2008, 21:59:00

Don't forget the other I word - incompetence.

I always thought the Tories were well aware of Boris's zero ability of managing anything, which is why they were running London for him from Tory central office. What's gone awry?

Btw, cheers for the link, Jo.

Tom said...
20 Aug 2008, 09:01:00

"What's gone awry"

It turns out the people from Central Office were incompetent too. The people who are really going to run London are the borough boys from places like Westminster, Hillingdon and Bexley, who'll run the capital for, er, Westminster, Hillingdon and Bexley...

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