If the first day was going to be such a unique challenge

then why didn't BAA and British Airways do a phased implementation? Why didn't they phase in the use of the terminal route by route? Why go for big bang implementation? There was absolutley no need for the fiasco at Terminal Five to happen.

I understand that the pressure on the Programme Director from the Executive must have been immense but it was madness, storing up trouble, just such a big risk no no, completely unmitigatable to start like this!

Incompetence on behalf of the BA & BAA boards and lack of backbone on behalf of the Programme Management team.


Anonymous said...
28 Mar 2008, 09:59:00

In a way I find it comforting to see such public evidence of a total screw-up by the private sector.

We hear about public sector project fiascos almost daily, but private sector ones do happen (I've seen a few cancelled private sector IT projects personally) but they are usually covered up better than public sector ones.

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