Feeding the counter story: why do we do it??

What’s the Number One Lib Dem counter story? You know, the comments that are made every time to tell people you are a Lib Dem in the office or up the pub?

Yes, that’s right, there’s always some snide comment about the Lib Dems sitting on the fence.

Except that up until yesterday, and the abstention from voting on whether to have a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty or not, I always thought it was a bit unfair.

Did anybody count the number of times they mentioned Lib Dems and sitting on the fence on the Today programme, this morning? Well, no, I didn’t count either but it was a lot.

You know, there’s counter stories about all politicians and political parties but I’m sure we must be the only one that invites the counter story around our house for a slap up dinner!!

It will blow over; we will all move on. But what a self inflicted mess!! What is logical (and whether it was is a moot point) is not always politic. Having fed this particular counter story, good and proper, it’ll just be one more barrier to overcome on the way to power.



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