What's it going to be, Gordon? Yes or No?

Sky News has started a campaign for a leadership debate come the General Election. Something never before done on UK TV.

Cameron jumped right in and said yes. Why wouldn't he? He comes over quite well on TV and certainly belies (I think) what most of the Tory parliamentary party are like. I think, because even though he tries to act like he's not, he really is awfully posh and he needs to take care that he doesn't come across as too pompous.

Nick, agreed on Sky News Sunrise programme this morning that he would. Again, why not - Nick is after becoming an increasingly polished media performer? And whilst it is prefectly possible to be a Liberal Democrat and pompous, Nick is definitely not! He's great (can you tell I'm a fan) - he just needs to make sure that he talks in stories rather than lists of policies.

And Gordon, he'll probably hide behind the lack of precedence in his attempts to avoid it. Because, let's face it; he's going to be rubbish! It's a shame because when he's really smiling, he has a lovely smile: but he's no good at putting it on and it just turns out like a grimace. What's really going to undo him is that he's a numbers man and in defensive mode he's just going to deafen us all with statistics and we will probably stop listening even before he's opened his mouth.

As Mark says on Lib Dem Voice - there's nothing to stop Sky going ahead even if Gordon Brown doesn't take part, but I think, in the end, even though he has nothing to gain from taking part in a TV debate, Labour still has quite a lot to lose by being the ones that refuse to play. And as for it being bad for democracy: pah! If that's the case, then TV is bad for democracy! It's true not all talented TV performers would make good leaders but good leaders need to be able to communicate with voters over the medium of the age; which is still, for most people of voting age the TV.

And yes, takling of TV, I'm on SkyNews.Com this evening; on the 'buzz' along with Jonathan Isaby from Conservative Home and a Labour bod (will say who, when I know) discussing the pros and cons!

Well, done Sky for just doing it!


wit and wisdom said...
2 Sep 2009, 14:07:00

Hmm, no, I really disagree with this. I think this type of TV is bad for democracy because Dave is a vapid presentation person and he will win people over by being nice. Gordon is clever but not a presentation person so he will lose people even if they might agree with him.

As for Nickers, he will probably be sidelined for much of the programme as Sky chases a good punch up between the other two.

This is not going to work for democracy but it will work for Dave Do Nothing. That's not good for us or for the country.

Jennie said...
2 Sep 2009, 20:01:00

I'd engage with your points, but all I can think after reading that title is: "Uh let me sleep on it, baby baby let me sleep on it. Let me sleep on it, and I'll give you an answer in the morning..."

Jo Christie-Smith said...
2 Sep 2009, 22:43:00

Wit & Wisdom, so much for trusting the people, eh?

How patronising!

Jo Christie-Smith said...
2 Sep 2009, 22:43:00

And it looks like he is sleeping on it, as well, Jennie!!

I know, I thought about working the rest of the chorus into it, but you have to draw the line somewhere!

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