By an accident of birth...

I was finally dragged from sleep, in disgust this morning, by a report from Refuge and Migrant Justice charity highlighting how UK Border staff had not been following guidelines when dealing with children and that they were often locking them up and not providing them with legal advice.

In fact, when I looked this up on the BBC I saw that:

"an eight-year-boy who had fled his country after his home had been destroyed in fighting was given no legal help with his asylum interview and application.

His claim was refused because of his lack of "credibility", the report says.

He's a child, without legal representation up against adults who are playing at God!

Of course, if this is true, then UK Borders need to sort it out and much is in the training, as always.

But I have to wonder what is wrong with these people, that they treat children, who are only in the position they are in by an accident of birth, so appallingly!

Would they want someone to treat their own children like that?

It never ceases to amaze me how so many people think that somehow that they somehow deserve the relative riches that we live in more than others; that somehow it was all their own hard work and not an accident of birth!



Tristan said...
10 Mar 2009, 09:46:00

We shouldn't treat anyone like that, child or adult.

Jo Christie-Smith said...
10 Mar 2009, 10:54:00

Tristan, you're right but one could make an argument that adults are slightly less vulnerable from children and if these people can treat children in such an inhumane way than what worse things are they doing to adults?

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