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I've pulled together a trio of excellent posts/articles to recommend to you.

Now, I don’t always agree with Polly Toynbee but she’s spot on here with her assertion that the delay on debating the various abortion amendments on the HFE Bill had more to do with keeping the DUP sweet than anything that the House of Lords could have done!

And a very interesting post (and comments) from Laurie Penney on Liberal Conspiracy. The current Labour’s crusade against sex workers is based on some very dodgy evidence. Links from the excellent commenter Susan Hammond – I started reading a very interesting article here in the office entitled ‘400,000 Swedish Perverts’. Then I realised it was 38 pages long and I had work to do; but if you have the time it’s a really interesting deconstruction of how permissive Swedish society is.

And then finally, this article in the Independent about how to live to 114. I’m glad to see my habit of being generally right is continuing; I’ve always been pretty confident that I will live to at least a hundred and not it looks like my positive and optimistic outlook on life will ensure that I do!!


Stephen Glenn said...
23 Oct 2008, 14:47:00

Pedant alert, sorry.

Hey Jo I agree with you first point. Although it is either the Democratic and Ulster Unionist Parties or Northern Irish Unionists that are being kept sweet. There is only one Ulster Unionist in the Commons.

Your Northern Irish correspondent.

Andrew said...
23 Oct 2008, 15:02:00

The Indy article reminding me of a project that goes back to our debate about nature vs. nurture.

The Methuselah Mouse project offers prizes to the group that produce the longest living mouse. They offer two prizes: one, the longevity prize, for ways to make a mouse live longest from birth, and one, the rejuvenation prize, looking at mid-life interventions. So the longevity prize is really for animals that have been genetically engineered, and the rejuvenation prize is for animals that receive an enriched environment.

So far the leaders are a mouse that had it's growth hormone receptor gene removed (that lived to 1819 days - just short of 5 years) in the longevity section and a mouse that had its calorific amount reduced (essentially, was put on a diet, but received enough food to survive. lived for 1356 days - just over 3.7 years. The average lifespan for normal mice is 3 years) in the rejuvenation category.

So the answer to long life: Good genes and not a lot of food!

Jo Christie-Smith said...
23 Oct 2008, 15:58:00


Aaaargh! Thanks for pointing my mistake out - DUP doesn't scan as well but I'm changing it!

Thank you!

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