Gender Balance Blog Awards: a short listing…

It has taken me quite a while to pop the little button up, on the sidebar, telling visitors to my blog that I have been shortlisted by the Gender Balance Blog Awards in the category of best blog posting by a female Lib Demmer.

There are two other categories, best blog by a female Lib Dem and best blog by a female non Lib Dem.

You can vote for your choice for the best female Lib Dem Blogger here.  In true Lib Dem style is seems to be done on STV, which is cool because it saves you having to leave someone out!!! Please do go and vote, the nominations really are very good and they well deserve a read if you haven't got around to it yet.

I'm really dead pleased to have been shortlisted, especially with a posting on a topic so close to my heart.

James Graham, on his analysis of a years worth of Lib Dem Voice
Top of the Blogs the other day that the most read or most popular blogs where not the same as the ones that we liked the most, judging my the difference between those in the top of the blogs top 20 and those that were nominated as good reads. All I can say is that I'm very glad that it is my posting on what MPs should look like, rather than my two most read (which were gossip and a whinge), that has been shortlisted.

I am now off to spend the next 10 days or so practicing that perfect 'I'm really pleased for the person who won in my nomination category' smile, like they have to have at the Oscars!  Although why I think this is necessary I'm not sure, as I've lost enough selections and elections by now to be up at the 'unconscious competence' stage; that's doing it without even needing to think about it!

I'm not really a big fan of the stiff upper lip.  I say we should have less of the stiff upper lip and I have to admit to not always displaying it myself.  What's the point?  Why try to make out that you care about nothing when in fact you care about a lot of things very much! I think I should just stick with my 'conscious incompetence'. Sorry, I'm digressing....I'll be good as gold, I promise.

So, I am very happy that the judges agreed with some of my nominations, as I nominated at least one of each of the shortlisted bloggers in each category!  I think celebrating female political blogging is a great thing and I hope it encourages many more women to come and blog in the Lib Dem blogosphere and not be put off by being, so far, an overwhelming minority! That I am part of that celebration is great and frankly I'm as happy as pie already!

Hooray; again today!!


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