Prius not so dull after all....

A few months ago I blogged on the topic of how dull but necessary for me I thought the Prius was and how lamentable the lack of choice of cars that seek to mitigate their environmental unfriendliness -I can't quite bring myself around to describing a car as environmentally friendly!

Still waiting for the Mercedes SLK'e for environmental' to come on the market (this is just a dream of mine and not any prior market knowledge) but am pleased to see that Saab has brought out a biofuel adapted engine - great if you live in Norfolk or Somerset, where the majority of the biofuel supply is, as I understand....

So, I'm still stuck with the Prius and actually test drove and ordered one last weekend; I've been a little busy of late, so must have somewhat surprised the salespeople with my premise that an hour and a half was an unreasonably long time to spend test-driving and buying a car. I wouldn't have done it that weekend at all but for the fact the lease on my current car is expiring and I kept receiving letters from the car company to tell me when they were going to be taking it away.

Reconciling myself to the fact that it is an automatic, which is not so bad for driving in the city I was actually pleasantly surprised - although it could be just a novelty factor.

The thing I love most about it thought was for that brief test drive in Bromley, where we just used the battery, I didn't make a horrible noise and I didn't create any pollution to get up anybodies nose! And that is very satisfying....and not dull at all!


Duncan Borrowman said...
28 Apr 2007, 15:15:00

I would have thought this was what the "girl about Crystal Palace" should be driving these days:

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