Were the BBC at the same conference as me?

Just had the speediest of browses of Lib Dem Blogs to see loads of people saying 'I wasn't at conference but I don't like what the BBC said Ming said in his speech...' etc, etc.

Well, I was at conference, was in the audience of the speech and don't recognise anything in it that said we wanted to go into coalition with Labour and would be prepared to drop PR as a pre-condition!

Go and read Lynne's blog, where you get a rather succinct take about what the BBC are on about!

Seriously, I think the BBC were watching a different speech from the one I was did. I went for a post conference lunch with a few colleagues and nobody there took anything like that away from the speech, conversation s with other colleagues on the train back home didn't highlight anything about a Labour coalition either: so it's not just me that can't see it. The BBC probably couldn't find anything to criticise so had to create a furore that just wasn't there!


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